News the Media Won’t Report

2021 April 30
by bc3b

CNN and the rest of the media normally love to report (aka beat to death) stories featuring the police and a black person when a death in involved. Here are two stories about a cop, black person and death that the media has been silent about because both involve a black person killing a white cop. Both happened within the past week and the media has been (not so) strangely silent. For news of this, one has to go to the British press,

One has to wonder how many deaths of cops and black people CNN and the rest of the media has been responsible for with its false narratives.

The first involves a black woman in New Your City who was on social media all afternoon, drinking and bashing cops. She hit a cop with such force that it knocked him totally out of his boots.

A suspected drunk driver who streamed herself on Facebook Live saying ‘f**k the police’ while downing shots hours before she killed a veteran cop in a hit-and-run in New York City boasted about carrying a knife ‘everywhere I go’, it has been revealed.

Jessica Beauvais, 32, posted a 1 hour and 51 minute livestream on her Facebook page Monday evening as part of her Face the Reality radio show where she addressed the trial of white ex-cop Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, slammed police officers and the justice system and played N.W.A song ‘F**k Tha Police’.

In the rambling post, she told her social media followers she likes guns because ‘they’re pretty’ and ranted about being pro capital punishment, while she said ‘potential death’ is just ‘part of the job’ for cops.

Throughout the video, Beauvais is seen vaping and drinking an unknown dark liquid from a plastic cup and, at one point, washes down the contents of a red shot glass with a bottle of Snapple. Police sources claim she later confessed to guzzling vodka, wine and smoking weed before the deadly incident.

Hours later, Beauvais allegedly got behind the wheel of her Volkswagen and plowed into NYPD Highway Officer Anastasios Tsakos, 43, on the Long Island Expressway around 2am Tuesday morning.

Tsakos was redirecting traffic following a separate fatal car accident in Queens when Beauvais’ car allegedly veered and struck officer Tsakos head on. Tsakos, 43 year-old married father to a three year-old son and six year-old daughter, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Beauvais, who was allegedly intoxicated and driving with a suspended license at the time, allegedly sped away from the scene with a ‘completely shattered’ windshield before being stopped by police.

Investigators survey the vehicle that struck and killed New York City Police Department Officer Anastasios Tsakos

Read more:

The second takes us to Slow Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware in which a black man continually stomped a cop’s head. The cop was taken to the hospital. Several days later he was declared brain dead and taken off life support.

A cop has died after his head was stomped by a suspect who also attacked an elderly couple, sending both to hospital.

Cpl. Keith Heacook, 54, was declared ‘clinically dead’ on Wednesday at a Baltimore hospital, three days after he was allegedly attacked by Randon Wilkerson, 30.

The veteran cop had been responding to an early morning 911 call that Wilkerson had reportedly attacked his roommate at the Yorkshire Estates Community in Delmar, Delaware, on Sunday.

A second call came through moments later, to say Wilkerson had then crossed the street and attacked his neighbors; 73-year-old Steve Franklin and his wife Judy, 76.

Heacook went to investigate but soon stopped responding to dispatch. When backup arrived they found him unconscious. He was rushed to hospital but died days later.

It’s not yet clear how Wilkerson allegedly got the better of the veteran cop.

Read more:

Several thoughts:

  • Both of these killings received little, if any, media coverage
  • Unlike stories where police kill an unarmed black man, race isn’t mentioned by the US media
  • The police didn’t riot, look and burn down cities
  • If blacks didn’t commit a disproportionally large percentage of violent crime in the US, they wouldn’t have so much interaction with law enforcement
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  1. 2021 April 30 5:03 pm
    justrand permalink

    “News the media won’t report”?

    Geez, bc3b, we’re gonna need a bigger blog! 🙂

  2. 2021 April 30 5:57 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Are all of you 100% percent sold on Trump for 2024?

    If it’s between Trump and some establishment person like Haley, I’d definitely be for Trump.

    But I’m still open to an outsider of sorts, which you never know where one would come from.

  3. 2021 April 30 6:59 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Another brand to boycott – Subway has Megan Rapinoe as spokesperson: Jared and now Rapinoe – Subway can pick ’em.

    Subway management has been moving far to the left lately. I do feel sorry for the franchisees, but I am boycotting. Subway franchisees have tremendous competition. There are more Subways than McDonalds in the US.

  4. 2021 April 30 7:08 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  5. 2021 April 30 8:01 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Do you BeLIEve?

    For background to understand
    The London Times ran a cover story entitled “Chancellor on Brink of Second Bailout for Banks”. This title was quoted and embedded into the very first transaction ever to be included in the new Bitcoin block chain, by Satoshi Nakamoto. The block containing this transaction was called The Genesis Block.

  6. 2021 April 30 8:18 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    bc3b – have you tried Jimmy Johns? I like them better than Subway or other sub shops. Do you know anything about them?

  7. 2021 April 30 8:22 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Jimmy Johns is good but it has no warm subs, which is fine btw.

    Jersey Mike’s is my favorite if you can find one.

  8. 2021 May 1 4:48 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Jersey Mikes or a local, Lennys for me. Not that I have anything against Subway they make a good sub. Just have not been to one in a Looooong time.

  9. 2021 May 1 4:56 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well in a weak moment I watched a 5min highlight reel of the Oscars. Understand I have not viewed an Oscar presentation in over 5 years. Impressions:

    * As bad as a Biden WH press briefing only better dressed.
    * My God the actors were so full of themselves. Few if any gave recognition to the overall production team.
    * The venue looked like a small bistro. Could not have been more than 100 sitting in the ‘audience’. Weird compared to what I would expect of the Oscars of say a decade ago.
    * With the big screens in the background and venue in front it had move of a vibe of a TED talk than anything else.

    From Grand to insignificant in a matter of years.

  10. 2021 May 1 5:03 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Genie, not in bottle — — To put it back in the bottle, the govt would have to require that any 3D printer be registered like a firearm. I don’t think that is going to happen, too many advantages to industry to be that intrusive.

  11. 2021 May 1 6:51 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Emory University is now $72,604 per year before student aide help.

  12. 2021 May 1 6:58 am
    Eph permalink

    7 PRP

    Firehouse Subs for me.

    Havent been to Subway in years

  13. 2021 May 1 6:59 am
    Eph permalink

    2 PRP

    Trump or Desantis at this point.

    There are no others

  14. 2021 May 1 7:01 am
    Eph permalink

    Something to lighten the mood…

  15. 2021 May 1 7:19 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    I always like when someone comes totally out of the blue though. Imagine someone like jeffrey gundlach or Michael Saylor or maybe Flynn. Not saying necessarily one of those people I just mean someone who comes out of right field.

  16. 2021 May 1 7:27 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    One person I won’t be voting for is Nikki Haley in the primary, general or otherwise.

  17. 2021 May 1 8:54 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    We have Jersey Mike’s and, I think CA local ToGo.
    ToGo has amazing bread… but I rarely go. Trying to keep a rein on carbs.

  18. 2021 May 1 9:18 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Jersey mike’s had this italian sub that when you told then to make it “mike’s way” they covered it in oil and it was delicious.

    Havent had that in a while.

  19. 2021 May 1 9:24 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Btw i cooked two beyond meat burgers at home last night.

    1) it looked nasty. Looked like something your cat would puke up.
    2) it looked better once it was cooked possibly bc i burnt it slightly although it didnt taste burnt.
    3) it tasted pretty good. I had cheese on it so that masked some of the wierdness.
    4) the texture wasnt different than a usual burger. It tasted fibery like it was a plant kinda.
    5) it was easier on stomach than a normal burger. I feel like you eat it before bed if you needed to and you wouldnt get sick.

    Overall it was pretty good actually. I might buy another packet of it next time im at target.

  20. 2021 May 1 9:27 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    I think next time ill try one of their bratwurst

  21. 2021 May 1 12:04 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Surprise: Chicago gun violence up in 2021:

    Some of the strictest gun laws in the US

  22. 2021 May 1 2:32 pm
    fight on permalink

  23. 2021 May 1 3:42 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    24, love it!

    Software company CEO tells employees to stop lecturing each other about politics on company equipment while working.
    More like this!
    ‘One-Third Of Basecamp Employees Quit After Ban On Political Discussions At Work’ … sions-work

    “After CEO Jason Fried announced in a Monday blog post that employees would no longer be able to openly share their “societal and political discussions” at work, around 20 of the company’s 60 employees simply couldn’t handle minding their own business and focusing on what they were hired to do.”….

  24. 2021 May 1 3:47 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    CEO statement.

    A snip. It’s really long
    “Today’s social and political waters are especially choppy. Sensitivities are at 11, and every discussion remotely related to politics, advocacy, or society at large quickly spins away from pleasant. You shouldn’t have to wonder if staying out of it means you’re complicit, or wading into it means you’re a target. These are difficult enough waters to navigate in life, but significantly more so at work. It’s become too much. It’s a major distraction. It saps our energy, and redirects our dialog towards dark places. It’s not healthy, it hasn’t served us well. And we’re done with it on our company Basecamp account where the work happens. People can take the conversations with willing co-workers to Signal, Whatsapp, or even a personal Basecamp account, but it can’t happen where the work happens anymore.”

    “We make project management, team communication, and email software. We are not a social impact company.”

  25. 2021 May 1 4:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Hired a bunch of Millennials did you? tsk, tsk.

  26. 2021 May 1 4:15 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    It’s amazing it took so long or that it was tolerated at all.

  27. 2021 May 1 4:17 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  28. 2021 May 1 4:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  29. 2021 May 1 10:31 pm

    25 – Good. The company will be better off for it. Good way of clearing out staff that shouldn’t have been there in the first place too, I mean if you’re gonna quit over “hey stop using company time and company resources for your pet political shit – we’re a software company not a PAC, leave that shit to your personal lives” message from the ceo, wtf does that say about you, and to the next employer when you explain that’s why you decided to leave – or will they conveniently forget to mention this as the reason?

    26 – Well put. Damn I just read the 6 point list… it’s like sanity finally creeping in, the only shame is it’s not a 20000 person company.

    “I have anything against Subway they make a good sub.”

    No they don’t lol, maybe in the 90’s, kinda, but not now, eatable, but nothing close to “good”.

    re: 2 …
    See 12. 🙂 Maybe some 3rd will pop up that isn’t a pol, but I tend to doubt it, then again it’s 2 years out and I’m expecting R’s to get slaughtered in the mid-terms atm.

    I see FL just passed stronger election laws around VBM, if only other states followed that lead and went even further. BTW notice nobody is suddenly freaking out at FL’s passage of the law, or maybe MSM is just waiting for monday to hype a freak out over nothing – then again maybe they are and I’m no longer tuned in enough to them to know… or care.

  30. 2021 May 2 5:31 am
    Eph permalink

    33 KH,

    Me thinks the dims have given up on FL.

    Georgia is a different animal.

    Easier to cheat

  31. 2021 May 2 6:22 am
    drdog09 permalink

  32. 2021 May 2 7:18 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

  33. 2021 May 2 7:35 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Anyone considered shorting the airlines?:

    * Commercial office space is in free fall.
    * Airlines critical customer is the business traveler. Tourism is for the cheap seats, no profit there.
    * Zoom, Google Meet, Webex have had explosive growth since the pandemic and that growth has only tapered slightly.

    Businesses that are shifting/staying using online won’t need the airlines. The C-suite types used the corporate jet.

  34. 2021 May 2 9:09 am
    justrand permalink

    I guess the airlines will be able fly more BLM protesters and Illegal Aliens around!

  35. 2021 May 2 9:39 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    A downside to yesterday’s feel-good moment.

    “Romney booed and called traitor at Utah Republican conference.
    Only Republican Senator to vote twice for impeachment narrowly avoids censure”

    Avoids? Yuck.

  36. 2021 May 2 10:42 am
    mpt permalink

    I’ve been working like a dog for the last few weeks and have had little time to peruse the Internet. Came here for a sanity break and saw the links about Basecamp and the CEO putting an end to woke SJWism at his company. What a frick’n breath of fresh air. Made my day. I assume the company is not located in Silicon Valley. (Looked it up. Nope, it’s in Chicago.)

    I can only hope this type of backlash reaches the West Coast, and soon.

  37. 2021 May 2 10:47 am
    mpt permalink

    Anyone considered shorting the airlines?

    No, but go long on U-Haul in California. My sister-in-law is moving to the mid-west next month and you would think the price for a one-way U-Haul truck was priced to buy the truck rather than rent it. She’s fortunate it’s a reimbursable moving expense.

  38. 2021 May 2 11:09 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    mpt, nice to see you again and interesting news on the U-Haul rates.

  39. 2021 May 2 11:17 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    A lot of companies get carrot and stick for minority hiring though so if they create an atmosphere hostile to wokeness than they could get penalized if minorities leave.

  40. 2021 May 2 11:27 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    In contract you’re in though you can get voided by using wokeness though. Their are a lot of companies that have gotten multimillion dollar contracts because of one complaint by random twitter person.

  41. 2021 May 2 12:09 pm
    mpt permalink

    A lot of companies get carrot and stick for minority hiring though so if they create an atmosphere hostile to wokeness than they could get penalized if minorities leave.

    Fortunately, I tend to work a companies with less than 20 employees and specifically hiring minorities doesn’t factor too much into anything (although where I work now the CEO is a minority woman which helps innoculate against some of that as well). We are desperate to get ANYONE who can simply do the job we require and do it well. Small companies tend to be very meritocracy-driven. A few weak links and the company is quickly out of business.

    In my experience, more often than not, it’s the liberal white virtue signaller (probably carrying an overabundance of guilt from their white privilege) that aggressively push the woke BS that annoys everyone. I worked at one of the FANGs before and couldn’t stand it, and that was before wokeness took over. The way things are now it would be intolerable to me. Not that some such as myself (with a social justice score of 0 on the intersectional matrix) would be tolerated there anyway.

  42. 2021 May 2 12:18 pm
    mpt permalink

    Another brand to boycott – Subway has Megan Rapinoe as spokesperson

    Yep. BTW, that Subway commercial you linked with her in it is very obnoxious. Politics aside, what the hell is Subway management thinking? Does taste and decency not factor into anything these days?

  43. 2021 May 2 12:28 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Well Subway has had several bouts of stupidity that have had the franchisees in an uproar.

  44. 2021 May 2 12:33 pm
    mpt permalink

    …interesting news on the U-Haul rates.

    Yes, my sister-in-law is renting the truck in Reno, driving it to the Bay Area, then to the mid-west. It’s cheaper that way.

    Apparently, people can’t get out of Kalifornia fast enough.

    Costs are going sky-high here as well. My barber recently raised his rates for a haircut to $35 — it was $20 a few years ago. Even though he is a great conservative, I just can’t justify that expense when my daughter can do a decent job (well, most of the time) for free. My wife and I recently spent $95 on a dinner for three at a local pizza joint. That’s for a pizza, salad, and drinks. It’s ridiculous. We won’t be going there anymore. A local sandwich shop near where I work a basic run-of-the-mill sandwich is now $15. I pack my lunch most days as its too much of a hassle — especially with the ridiculous mask mandates. I’m not normally a cheapskate, I just hate feeling ripped off.

    Sheesh, I need to get out of this state too.

  45. 2021 May 2 1:33 pm

    34 – Yup, and our over hyped “election reforms” will do very very little to address it. Total joke.

  46. 2021 May 2 1:33 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  47. 2021 May 2 3:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Watch the video. — — The spelling errors will drive you nuts.

  48. 2021 May 2 3:56 pm
    justrand permalink

    mpt: (regarding costs in the PRK) “Costs are going sky-high here as well. My barber recently raised his rates for a haircut to $35 — it was $20 a few years ago. “

    ssssshhhhh! My wife cuts my hair…I don’t wanna tell her she’s due a raise 🙂

  49. 2021 May 2 3:58 pm
    gnqanq permalink

    JR – ssssshhhhh! My wife cuts my hair…I don’t wanna tell her she’s due a raise 🙂

    And you have your back to your wife and she has scissor’s?

    Talk about trust, don’t piss her off, it could end badly.

  50. 2021 May 2 4:18 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Same here. Can’t remember last time I was at a license barber.

  51. 2021 May 2 4:20 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Why the long commute is toast — — The savings alone for any major corporation could make the difference between winning or losing to the competition.

  52. 2021 May 2 6:37 pm
    justrand permalink

    Gnqanq, she uses and electric hair-trimmer (I don’t have much hair). She could smack me with it…but that’s the worst case. I’m more at danger when she’s cutting up dinner fixings with a butcher knife and I pat her fanny! 🙂

  53. 2021 May 2 6:42 pm
    mpt permalink

    Why the long commute is toast

    Please, please let this be true. I work about a mile from the main Google campus and the scores of off-campus buildings spread through the area. Since covid, these buildings are now empty and my 25-mile commute went from a 45 to 60 minute each morning and afternoon to a sweet 22-minute drive each way. The commute is now much better than even the 90’s when it was SGI and Adobe in the same area with 10,000’s fewer workers.

    Hopefully, this will be the death of the mega-campuses that Google, Facebook, Apple, and Netflix have built throughout the South Bay. If so, I may consider sticking around the area longer than I otherwise would have.

  54. 2021 May 2 8:11 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    mpt, 58, any idea why they’ve been frantically building new office space since the shutdown started last year?
    Who will be working in those new buildings??

  55. 2021 May 2 8:23 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Google is always a good bet bc it’s just a bet on AI. Probably the best AI company in the world.

  56. 2021 May 2 9:17 pm

    Few people think of CDCR when someone asks who is 3rd largest LEOrg in the nation as least in terms of raw employment #’s, behind only CBP and NYPD.

    Among all the other issues, I could see the opportunity for whom ever controls the work camp assignments\selections to up their kickback games around it now that time reduction applies equally to everyone participating. Also article is sort of wrong, those in calfire related camps get 2 days off sentence for every day there, so for every month it’s 2 months off, it’s possible that article is correct for other “workcamps” though I don’t know of any other ‘work camps’.

  57. 2021 May 3 2:28 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Ethereum now 3k

    Alts pumping this am

  58. 2021 May 3 3:07 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Growth and inflation still accelerating in q2. Bears never learn

  59. 2021 May 3 3:16 am
    drdog09 permalink

    JR, 57,

    I don’t want you to have sleepless nights but an ex of mine once told me — “You maybe stronger, but you have to sleep sometime….”

  60. 2021 May 3 3:23 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Jim, 59,

    Speculation. A corp like Google is essentially getting money for free, or near free. Located in a hot market area. The combination makes for an opportunity for a flip. On the other hand 15 areas where markets are already going south tho —

  61. 2021 May 3 3:31 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Ethereum passes bank of America in size this morning, which is berkshire and buffet’s favorite financial pick historically.

  62. 2021 May 3 3:54 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Ted Cruz Urges GOP to ‘Grow a Backbone,’ ‘Stand Up’ to ‘Woke’ Corporate America”
    — LD lede

    The role reversal of the political parties are nearly complete. Various GOP persons for the little guy, most Dims for the fat cats.

  63. 2021 May 3 3:58 am
    drdog09 permalink

  64. 2021 May 3 6:00 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Commodities (CRB Index) has outperformed Global Equities in the last week, month, and 3 months
    +1.9%, +8.1%, and +14.7% respectively

    Natural Gas up +1.3% overnight
    Corn up another +2.5% overnight

  65. 2021 May 3 6:01 am
    justrand permalink

    drdog, my dream is that our area joins Greater Idaho (along with Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington).

    There would still be only 50 States…removing one of the Democrats objections.

  66. 2021 May 3 6:09 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Are you bullish enough: The May melt up

  67. 2021 May 3 7:22 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Late last year I moved postions to the following sectors:

    * Defense
    * Energy
    * Solar
    * Extractives (copper, gold, silver)

    Should have included lumber, missed that one. The only sector that is sucking for me is Defense only because of those B@#$%^ Boeing. Its like they could screw up a sex act lately.

  68. 2021 May 3 8:36 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    I started my little crypto buying project with a ratio of 3 BTC for every 1 ETH.
    But as ETH accelerated I switched. Now I’m 60/40 ETH.
    Still not enough to make a difference in the bottom line but a really fun and educational experience.

    I called the eldest daughter yesterday, she was hanging out with a half dozen friends. I said “Ask how many know the definition of ‘hodl'”
    Answer: none. One girl has a little BTC from her college days.
    I momentarily felt more hip than usual.

  69. 2021 May 3 9:14 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    lol. Some people say it’s just a spelling mistake that became a meme. Others say it meant hold on for dear life.

    Lumber has been the most insane thing. I said before I read a book called the Dao of Capital recently, and one of the chapters was entirely about lumber. It requires ultra long term planning and the whole thesis of the book was about how artificial rates distorted the industry to the point that no one would plant trees because it took to long to invest in in the Weimar days so eventually all the lumber was gone.

  70. 2021 May 3 9:15 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Had a more complicated explanation than that but that’s what I remember. You can throw uranium in there as well.

  71. 2021 May 3 9:28 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Ya I think crypto for better or worse seems to be a male thing. It also seems to be well white thing well other than all the asians buying it who are even more gung-ho than whites.

  72. 2021 May 3 10:01 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    76, There is a solid core of Asians who are hard-core super-addicted gamblers. I’m sure crypto would appeal to them. Perhaps even more, Altcoins would appeal.

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