Splitsville, Everywhere

2021 July 9
by drdog09

“Joe Biden’s 2020 voters say the country is headed in the right direction 79% to 16%, but Trump 2020 voters say that the US is on the wrong track 84% to 13%.

The same is true by party and ideology.

Democrats and liberals say that we’re headed in the right direction 80%-15% and 75%-20%, respectively.

In contrast, Republicans and conservatives say that we’re on the wrong track 78%-20% and 79%-19%, respectively.

But, in the middle, pessimism may be helping Republicans as the undecided voters for Congress say that the US is on the wrong track 47%-33%; independents 55%-39% and suburban voters 53%-44% also say wrong track.

the political divide is unprecedented and expanding.”

John Winsell Davies

But hey, its spreading….

“An EU decision to ban potash from Belarus jeopardizes the lifeline export route for the world’s top producer of the crop nutrient, a restriction that will tighten when an exemption for previously signed contracts runs out, analysts said.”

The European Union banned imports or the transfer of potash by the bloc from Belarus as part of its wide-ranging economic sanctions on Belarus, a month after Minsk forced a Ryanair flight to land.

Belarus will now need to find other countries and ports to ship its top export via the Baltic Sea.

“The Baltic port of Klaipeda in Lithuania handles 97% of Belarusian potash exports – about 9.7 million tonnes a year. The potash exports are the main source of U.S. dollar revenue for Minsk’s budget.”

As you are well aware by now we have been saying that new alliances will be formed out of economic necessity and an absolute need to strengthen and bolster political stability. This is going to be taking place more and more. Both the cutting off of trade and movement of people as well as the consequent forming of alliances. Expect it. Volatility will increase, uncertainty already at highs will increase, and shortages will result. What cannot be ruled out, of course, is war. The old adage “when goods don’t cross borders, bullets do” is true.

What we can expect is that as this plays out some nations will weaken and others will strengthen. And conflict is now inevitable. For example, consider this. Belarus is an ardent supporter of Russia as is Russia of Belarus. Russia is also the country that Europe relies most heavily upon to keep its lights on. The EU has now deliberately sabotaged the Belarusian economy. I’m not saying it’s going to happen but you see how fun this can all be?


It appears that the EU has the ‘disease’ as well. We also have the LBGQTRUZ++ border skirmishes as well:

California has banned travel to 12 States –

  • Arkansas [chicken]
  • Florida [citrus]
  • Montana [metals]
  • North Dakota [cooking oil]
  • West Virginia [coal]
  • Texas [oil]
  • Alabama [cotton]
  • Idaho [potatoes]
  • Iowa [corn]
  • Oklahoma [beef]
  • South Carolina [peanuts]
  • South Dakota [pork]
  • Kentucky [spirits]
  • North Carolina [textiles]
  • Kansas [wheat]
  • Mississippi [fish]
  • Tennessee [spirits]

If CA bans products from these States every Californian will be eating vegetarian baked only, salad, bare a$$ naked, and dazed on wine. The only fish available will be the snail darter. Sorry could not resist.

Americans have been self sorting since Obama took office. By the time that Trump becomes POTUS again the process will be nearly complete. It will be the Confederacy and the Fly Over States vs the blue coastal areas. You could look at it another way as well, Producer States vs Consumer States. Then within various States there are motions to split off and either join another State or form a new one – California, Oregon, Virginia for example.

Civil War? Maybe, though that is a messy business. The alternative may in fact be a massive resurgence in States Rights and a reduction in Federal influence as the alternative. This might be enhanced should the USD come to a calamity making all sorts of Federal – State fund transfers worthless.

The EU is not much different. From Estonia to Greece and every former Warsaw Pact country in between the members of the EU are bristling against social and economic restrictions handed down in Brussels. Hungry continues to build and man their borders. Poland has always been a ‘stick it in your eye’ kind of place. Greece is not exactly happy how the ECB screwed them over.

Bottom line is nobody’s happy. Those sort of conditions usually end up in fostering massive changes. Maybe ‘The Fourth Turning’ is right, maybe not. But the conditions exist as they had predicted as the causal agent.

So what do you think?

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  1. 2021 July 10 5:30 am
    gnqanq permalink

    Yep, it is coming. Polarization followed by Balkanization. You can see it by the fact Conservatives are fleeing Red Cities and moving to more rural areas.

    Remember, revolutions are fought by the old (principles and trying to leave a better future for their off spring) and the young (who want a better future). Those in between don’t want to rock the boat as they have it too good (only when their world is threatened will they act).

    In the American Revolution, the American troops were largely made up of old men and young boys.

    The Old.
    Some people remember, Samuel Whittemore who at 78 engaged British troops returning to Boston from the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

    The Young
    Was glamorized by the image of Johnny Tremain. In my lineage, I had a great-great-great grandfather at the age of 12 and 13 serve in the Maryland Militia.

    Again it will fall to the old and young. Those who have nothing to lose and those who have everything to gain.

    Hey guys, we all are gonna die anyway. I know of only 2 who made it out alive.

  2. 2021 July 10 8:41 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Three stages:

    1) The federal gov collapses when the USD is no more. States asserting their sovereignty.
    2) Separation as events become fractious.
    3) Recapture, as the predominate blue regions, unable to sustain, fall to the red regions.

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