Somehow This is Not What Twisted Sister Had in Mind

2022 January 31
by drdog09

It is now a matter of wills and logistics. It worked in India when the small farmers shutdown the government there month after month. Can the truckers lock Ottawa down till the TPTB cry uncle?

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  1. 2022 January 31 12:01 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    But it fits eh?

  2. 2022 January 31 12:50 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  3. 2022 January 31 3:10 pm
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    One thing that most ppl don’t realize. As the Fed hikes more aggressively, the 10 year yield curve starts to price in a recession more aggressively in response. As soon as Bostic starting crowing about a 50 bps hike at the March meeting the 10 year actually fell. As the Fed raises the short end of the curve aggressively they get closer and closer to a yield curve inversion. Hence by being overly hawkish, they actually pull a recession forward that will require extraordinary dovishness in response.

    This is like watching a pickup truck in the mud. If you move it slowly it can drive out of the mud but if you slam the gas 100% and spray mud all over you don’t accomplish shit.

  4. 2022 January 31 3:14 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Rebel news now has a channel dedicated to the convoy — Blockade already in place at the Montana border.

  5. 2022 January 31 3:52 pm
    mpt permalink

    4, I heard about blockades starting to form along the US-Canada border to support the trucker efforts in Ottawa. Trudeau has to be very careful in how he treats the truckers because sympathy strikes and blockades across Canada, the US, and perhaps even Mexico could completely break what is already a very fragile supply chain to and from Canada.

    This is why it was very surprising to me that Trudeau came right out of the gates swinging at the truckers in his statement this morning. He might as well have called them deplorables. By doing so he certainly burned any bridges he might have otherwise built with the truckers. Obviously, he thinks he has the RCMP and media in his corner, but that isn’t going to put food on the shelves if the flow of goods to urban areas is shut down throughout Canada.

  6. 2022 January 31 4:36 pm
    mpt permalink

    Another Canadian flag more appropriate for Castro Jr.


  7. 2022 January 31 4:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Things are getting heated in chambers in Ottawa —

  8. 2022 January 31 5:17 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I got an email of screenshots with multiple people (bots?) all defending Biden’s Inflation with an identical anecdote.

    According to the owner of the company I work for, this quarter has been more profitable than the last six combined, thanks to “inflation”.
    Which is to say, he heard there was inflation and jacked our prices up 25%, then blamed inflation.
    I have to assume this is not uncommon.

    Me: I guess this guy works for Dollar Tree? They raised prices on everything from $1 to $1.25

  9. 2022 January 31 5:56 pm

    1 – It sure does. 🙂
    6 – Already had, but now they’re done in the eyes of so many more.
    8 – Kinda a joke you can’t callout someone for lying in parliament, then again they lost their freedom of speak over a decade ago anyway.

  10. 2022 January 31 6:05 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Ottawa protest still going on:

  11. 2022 January 31 6:22 pm

  12. 2022 January 31 7:11 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Chicago weekend shootings: 18 shot; 4 fatally –

  13. 2022 January 31 8:23 pm

    Study out of japan on IVM started in 9/2020, just add it to the large stack of them at this point.

  14. 2022 January 31 8:27 pm

  15. 2022 January 31 8:27 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Canadian Constitutional Crisis? 90min. — — I am learning more about our Northern Neighbors than I have ever known.

  16. 2022 January 31 8:32 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I forwarded the Canada Goose meme in 7 to a friend who determined the words are a Kyle Rittenhouse phrase translated to Canuck. I’m not sure if Kyle or a protester said it.

  17. 2022 January 31 9:09 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    UK will scrap vaxx mandate for healthcare workers

    Seems huge to me

  18. 2022 January 31 10:17 pm

    16 – They’re living ‘post Constitution’ just like the rest of us. 😉

  19. 2022 January 31 11:04 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Starting tomorrow Feb 1st, Denmark will have no Covid laws at all–masks, distancing, vaccinations, the whole ball of wax. Normal life resumes.

    UnHerd with Freddie Sayers

  20. 2022 February 1 6:05 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Pelosi has nothing on this grifter Omar — — graft all the way down on the Fed dollar.

    Take note of the community complex in which this happened. This is a microcosm of why African States are such a disaster. “A poor country starts with a poor mindset.”

  21. 2022 February 1 7:54 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Jack Posobiec:

    Just saw a trucker interview on
    @RebelNewsOnline who said
    they’re packing the trucks full of
    supplies for weeks and plan to
    stay in Ottawa for as long as it

  22. 2022 February 1 7:54 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Its done — — Nothing left to do but throw the Covid carcass in the trash. Let Nuremberg 2.0 begin.

  23. 2022 February 1 8:05 am
    drdog09 permalink

    An unintended situation vis a vis the Honking truckers.

    * There are enough trucks that end to end they could lay siege to Ottawa. Nothing in, nothing out.
    * Police arrest the truckers. That does not accomplish s#$% for the trucks will still be sitting there. So far the police seem sympathetic so long as it remains peaceful.
    * Bring in the military? See bullet above. Same result. What would be even worse for Trudeau is if the military just said F this, and stands down.

    The backdrop to all this is Trudeau leads a coalition govt. His party did not win enough votes to have full control. A small contingent break ranks, sides with the opposition and the PM could be replaced.

  24. 2022 February 1 8:10 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Tom Brady officially hangs up the football. His winning streak will probably never be beaten.

  25. 2022 February 1 10:13 am
    mpt permalink

    I hate to post a link to Twitter, but this is pretty good.

    I don’t think this can be in California as the grandma and guy taking the video would certainly have been arrested.

  26. 2022 February 1 10:26 am
    mpt permalink

  27. 2022 February 1 10:46 am
    drdog09 permalink

  28. 2022 February 1 10:47 am

    redistricting – ny
    redistricting – nj

    Unmasking….gets promotion.

    The n word comes up…no the other n word 😉
    On the Subtlety of Monsters
    “We can and we must get on with life. However, this poll also makes me curious as to where the respondents get their news and how the incessant drumbeat of the negative fear porn of the mainstream media has impacted their perception of the pandemic. Perhaps next time Monmouth will think to ask that question.”

    yeah don’t count on it Gwendolyn.

    Finland starting to come to senses? Scraping domestic restrictions, foreign restrictions still apply.

    He’ll skate…but on that 6th investigation foreign press has some details…

  29. 2022 February 1 10:50 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Betcha her kids flew the straight and narrow or got their asses whooped. 🙂

  30. 2022 February 1 11:49 am

    “Because omicron was so highly transmissible, nearly 9 million people called out sick in early January when the jobs data was being collected,” Psaki told reporters. “The week the survey was taken was at the height of the omicron spike…As a result, the jobs report may show job losses, in large part because workers were out sick from omicron at a point when it was peaking.”

    Since when do people “out-sick” show up in payrolls\UE data to any real degree? What a farce, no babe it ain’t the virus, it’s your bosses ( and plenty of others) backward ass reaction to it, at every god damn level, on top of your already fucked up economic policy – if you can even call it policy.

  31. 2022 February 1 12:14 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Media upset because it lost control of the Canadian truck narrative and the truckers won the support of Canadians and many Americans:

    43 miles long is one big-ass caravan.

  32. 2022 February 1 12:19 pm

    28 – I left them some “feed back”. 😉

    and another one (possibly already posted in the last couple days?)

  33. 2022 February 1 12:28 pm

    Redistricting … gop losing bigly as expected.


    So in July 2020, President Trump signed an Executive Order allowing individuals in the States the ability to purchase insulin at cost:

    Sec. 2. Policy. It is the policy of the United States to enable Americans without access to affordable insulin and injectable epinephrine through commercial insurance or Federal programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, to purchase these pharmaceuticals from an FQHC [Federally Qualified Health Centers] at a price that aligns with the cost at which the FQHC acquired the medication.

    But the ‘Administration of Death’ didn’t like it so the order was halted. Biden recently went on a rant about parents not being able to help their children. He forgot that he is responsible for the exact same thing he was getting upset about.

    AoD I like that.

    IL – hb4244 – mandatory vax registry gets taken up in committee tomorrow:

    “Media coverage of HB4244 has ceased and people are proclaiming that this bill is dead on social media, yet the synopsis page for this bill clearly indicates that is not the case. I encourage those who oppose this bill to submit an opposing witness slip. Witness slips are important because they provide a public tally of the widespread opposition to the bill.
    31,992 opposing witness slips have been submitted as of 9:15 PM on January 31. You have the ability to submit a new witness slip whenever this bill is scheduled for a new hearing before the main committee that it’s assigned to.

    If you submitted a previous witness slip, it is still listed as having been submitted as well. This is just a chance to reaffirm your stance on the bill. Link to submit a witness slip for HB4244: Illinois 102nd General Assembly Witness Slip

  34. 2022 February 1 12:35 pm
    bc3b permalink

    mpt #5 –

    Obviously, he thinks he has the RCMP and media in his corner, but that isn’t going to put food on the shelves if the flow of goods to urban areas is shut down throughout Canada.

    As woke as the Canadian government is, we’re likely talking an RCMP that is no stronger than the Capitol Police. The days of Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, King the Wonder Dog and his trusty horse, Rex, are long over.

    Yes, I was riding with Sgt. Preston every Saturday morning.

  35. 2022 February 1 2:23 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    “Yes, I was riding with Sgt. Preston every Saturday morning.”

    Sky King and Dudley DoRight for me. 🙂

  36. 2022 February 1 2:49 pm
    mpt permalink

    You guys pre-date me. Sgt. Preston doesn’t ring a bell for me. I have vague memories of watching Dudley Do-Right, Snidely, and Nell on afternoon reruns of “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” though, but “Speed Racer” was more my daily routine after school.

  37. 2022 February 1 2:52 pm
    mpt permalink

    I left them some “feed back”. 😉

    I did as well, but I wonder if it really matters. They probably have woke blue-haired landwhales who use the pronoun “they/them” as gatekeepers on any negative feedback.

  38. 2022 February 1 3:07 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Freedom Trucker logistics partly solved — — What is needed now is mobile canteens and restrooms. Provided that, they could stay there for months.

  39. 2022 February 1 3:31 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Babylon Bee, but consider: which job is more important?

    Biden Promises To Replace
    Retiring Quarterback Tom
    Brady With A Woman Of Color

  40. 2022 February 1 3:35 pm

    39 – No doubt it’s all being set to nul
    41 – 😉

  41. 2022 February 1 3:50 pm

    A bad fight breaks out in one federal prison…. 121 other federal prisons go on temporary lockdown because of it? WTF?

    “abundance of caution” – I immediately dislike anyone who utters that exact phrase. Might I call out also the hilarity of “lockdowns” with-in prisons.

    How\Why does a gang fight in tx trigger some facility far away to ‘lockdown’, I’m ignorant here of the reasoning, is it some concern of news traveling and aligned gang kicking off too … as if news isn’t going to eventually reach anyway. What don’t I know or is it just more gov stupidity?

  42. 2022 February 1 4:06 pm
    bc3b permalink

    drdog09 #17 –

    I watched Sky King once or twice, but it never hooked me. Now, if his niece, Penny, had bigger boobs and wore tight sweaters or low-cut blouses, it would have had greater appeal.

  43. 2022 February 1 4:57 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    I thought the idea of ‘lockdown’ was your a$$ was in your cell????

  44. 2022 February 1 4:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Yeah, Ellie May was missing….

  45. 2022 February 1 5:48 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  46. 2022 February 1 6:12 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Running a police barricade — — Would have been nice to see a Sequoia tuned into a smart car though.

  47. 2022 February 1 7:32 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Rumor about towing companies in Ottawa

    mayor of Ottawa asked the towing companies to start towing trucks.
    The towing companies said they have covid.

  48. 2022 February 1 7:59 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    3 minutes without air,
    3 days without water,
    3 weeks without food…

    That ole saying might need a revision —

  49. 2022 February 1 11:33 pm
    mpt permalink

    This is a damn good question.


  50. 2022 February 2 12:31 am
    mpt permalink

    This is pretty interesting.

    Russia introduces export ban on ammonium nitrate for two months

    I read elsewhere this represents about 40% of the world’s ammonium nitrate supplies for those two months and would very likely have a major impact on fertilizer availability going into the 2022 growing season.

    Didn’t someone post a link a few days ago warning about fertilizer shortages going into the summer? This isn’t going to help.

  51. 2022 February 2 4:10 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Sure, the goose memes are better

  52. 2022 February 2 4:36 am
    justrand permalink

    I’m so glad to see at least some Canadians have balls enough to take a stand against tyranny. I fear a False Flag operation is being planned.

  53. 2022 February 2 5:03 am

    48 – what the fuck… that they were about to do that should scare the shit out of everyone with a brain up there.
    56 – You know it, they’re probably just a little slower on the draw on FFg ops up north, if it were here feds would have already pulled some stunt – seems to be their go-to these days.

    54 – Yup that’s gonna hurt bigly. I image this doesn’t help either –

  54. 2022 February 2 5:39 am

    What a surprise… State withheld requested documents/emails that showed there was documented-concern at Obama’s State dept about Hunter’s corruption at least as early as late 2016. Not just that, but some of the people conversing in these emails…. later testified for D’s during farcepechment #1, and it appears lied to investigators.

    Anyway, just something else that’s gonna be memory holed by the end of the week.

  55. 2022 February 2 5:46 am
    drdog09 permalink


    There is a huge fire at a fertilizer plant in NC as I type this. Not good.

  56. 2022 February 2 5:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Looks like we have a $13Bn ‘Charles DeGaule’ — — That’s French for turkey.

  57. 2022 February 2 6:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    It is no surprise about Liberals — — That they don’t understand that the very thing that they espouse is what makes them proto-Nazis. Whoopi is just the latest example in a long list.

  58. 2022 February 2 8:15 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    Id like to point out that the difference between 2’s and 10’s is only about 63 bps right now. So three rates hikes of 25 bps would invert the yield curve. Alternatively one 50 bps point hike like Bostic was crowing about would nearly invert it.

  59. 2022 February 2 8:29 am
    PresidentRonaldPaul permalink

    btw a unified invasion of both Taiwan and Ukraine at the same time after they meet at the Olympics could make sense.

  60. 2022 February 2 9:31 am
    mpt permalink

    64 – I don’t think Russia’s intentions are to actually start a shooting war but to make the west and NATO back away from Ukraine over the possibility of a shooting war to indicate they are serious. Basically, a rattle snake shaking its tail. The US and UK seem eager to screw around with the snake for domestic political reasons, but the rest of Europe not so much.

    As for China, they would love to get their hands on Taiwan, but I don’t think they have come up with a way to make it happen without the outcome being worse than the current status quo. If the calculus ever changes, Taiwan will certainly go the way of Hong Kong.

  61. 2022 February 2 9:35 am
    justrand permalink

  62. 2022 February 2 9:53 am
    mpt permalink

    Jeff Zucker Exits CNN After Relationship With Senior Executive

    Is management cleaning house for a sale?

  63. 2022 February 2 9:59 am
    mpt permalink

    66 – very bad optics, but I guess they feel the alternative could be worse.

    Also, I wonder if Pelosi could really legally prevent GOP members of Congress from attending the State of the Union if it is delivered in the capital. As far as I know, the SOFU speech is simply a courtesy and Biden could just submit a written statement to Congress to fulfill his duty as President.

  64. 2022 February 2 10:20 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Washington delivered the SOTU as a memo to the Speaker of the House. Good enough for him, anything is possible. What I find a mystery is why she has not made her move. Technically she is in line of succession. So here’s the plot: By some means she gets Kamala out of the way. She arranges to drag out a VP replacement. In the meantime she has a confidant in the executive branch initiate a Amend25 action against Biden. *Poof* she is now elevated to POTUS.

  65. 2022 February 2 10:22 am
    drdog09 permalink


    So that’s it? CNN was the House of Palimony all the way down? Sure explains a lot.

  66. 2022 February 2 10:28 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Trudeau has uncorked the dragon — — Watch the video. Truckers are adamant in their position and are asking the PoPo to join them. 🙂 Should it happen its game over.

  67. 2022 February 2 10:55 am
    JimNorCal permalink


    Truckistan Amb. Poso Chequered flag

    Reporter: How long do you plan to protest?

    Trucker: Just two weeks to flatten the curve

  68. 2022 February 2 10:19 pm

    65 – ru yup there is no ‘war’ coming, cn- want’s that realestate as ‘intact’ as possible, they’ll take back tw from with-in over time.

    67 – “A leader in the television industry for 30 years”… a disaster for tv industry for 30 years if you ask me. Haha anyway good riddance, doesn’t fix anything on it’s own but it’s a start. Is Ms. Gollust leaving too? Anyway.. Chris’s revenge in a way, not that everyone involved here doesn’t have it coming. lol

    68 – Didn’t he do that last year (written)? I honestly forget.

    71 – I wouldn’t trust the popo, that said clearly some were only doing the bare minimum yesterday (video of road blocks being by passed and cops just sitting going – ‘welp our orders were to block the road…we did that, nobody said chase down people driving around it.’ for example). But in the past their popo overall has shown to be just as pay-check driven as ours has overall.

    72 – lol heh.

  69. 2022 February 2 10:22 pm

    NM answered my own question….she’s staying least for now, and in same position, and staff supposedly are not happy that she’s not being held to same standard having similarly lied about the relationship as well.

    Did zuck just have to go now under the cover of un-reported relationship, or was that just the excuse to get him out STAT before other thing surfaced, so that when they do at least he’s already been terminated?

  70. 2022 February 2 10:24 pm

    President Trump Calls Sen. Lindsey Graham a ‘RINO’ Who ‘Doesn’t Know What the Hell He’s Talking About’ on Jan. 6
    Well it’s true, most the time he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

    Gallup: 68% of Americans Dissatisfied With Size and Power of Federal Government

    Yet most of them keep voting to expand both.

  71. 2022 February 2 10:30 pm

    Hypocrites: MSNBC Fake News Hacks Complain About Cancel Culture After Whoopi Is Suspended . . . for Just 2 Weeks
    Hilarious hypocrites, reverse the whoopi situation and they’d be trying to make sure she was deplatformed and never worked again.

  72. 2022 February 2 10:37 pm

    “In an email, Helen Lloyd, FCPS communications director, told The Epoch Times that 26 students out of a total population of 180,000 across 1,999 schools in the county went to their schools maskless last week.”

    If that’s true, says a lot about the parents and what a sad state that resistance is < 1/10 of a percent, when if it was 10%, they'd probably have to drop it.

  73. 2022 February 2 10:57 pm

    I don’t see it happening yet but it would save some lives if it did….

    “Three witnesses who were in the hallway outside the Speaker’s Lobby of the U.S. Capitol when Ashli Babbitt was shot were once wanted by the FBI, but their photos have disappeared from the FBI’s January 6 Most Wanted page.”

    Hmm… sort of like how epps disappeared from the sam list, or where they just offered deals to stfu?

    Almost funny…

  74. 2022 February 3 7:22 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    76, I believe Whoopi suspended with pay

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