Wag the Dog – No Longer Just a Movie

2022 March 22
by bc3b

Did Joe Biden (aka Brandon) provoke Vladimir Putin and Russia into attacking the Ukraine? Right now, that’s a conspiracy theory. But, as we have seen in recent years, many things labeled “conspiracy theories” by the media and the ruling class have been proven true (e.g., the laptop from hell and the Wuhan Lab) while many things the media and ruling class claimed to be true (e.g., Trump campaign colluding with Russia and 2020 being the most honest election ever) have been shown to be “conspiracy theories.”

Enter Joe Biden – perhaps the most incompetent president in US history. It’s hard to think of anything he hasn’t totally screwed up in the past 14 months – the economy, the border, the pandemic, incompetent and extremist nominees to judgeships and key administration posts, inflation, rising crime, international relations, etc., etc., etc.

If the Democrats will stoop no any means necessary to steal elections, why not work to start a war to take focus off Biden’s many mistakes. After all, what’s tens of thousands of lives if it means the Democrats doing better in the mid-terms? After all, Biden and the Democrats have the media behind them and will cover up any damning information they uncover. And, with a few exceptions – like Tucker Carlson – FNC and Newsmax are every bit as much the “controlled opposition” as Congressional Republicans.

This is not just the opinion of right-wing extremists (like those who visit this website, it’s also the opinion of the man regarded as the most heroic figure on the face of the earth – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Hopefully by now everyone is well aware how the U.S. State Department has been manipulating the internal politics of Ukraine for well over a decade.

A recent statement, by current Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, puts the weeks leading up to the Russian invasion into greater clarity.

In an interview with CNN, Zelenskyy spoke about his prior communication with Joe Biden and NATO leadership.  Within the interview Zelenskyy said (emphasis mine):

“I requested them personally to say directly that we are going to accept you into NATO in a year or two or five, just say it directly and clearly, or just say no,” Zelensky said. “And the response was very clear, you’re not going to be a NATO member, but publicly, the doors will remain open,” he said.  {CITATION)

So, privately NATO and the Biden administration were telling Zelenskyy Ukraine was never going to be in NATO, yet they told him they were going to publicly act like the possibility existed.  There was no way for Ukraine to enter NATO, but they were going to pretend he could.  Why would they do this?

Now we go back to the previous outline when it was first discovered the Biden administration was using China to funnel information to Russia.

In late February, the New York Times reported on U.S. intelligence and diplomatic officials from the State Dept sharing intelligence with Chinese officials in the three months leading up to the Russian invasion.  {Go Deep on Analysis} The narrative from the NYT article tells the story of the U.S. trying to convince China in December, January and February to intervene and persuade Russia not to cross the border into Ukraine.

Many people looked at this story from the perspective of incompetence, i.e. why would the Biden team think China would not share the intel, etc?

However, when it comes to these types of issues, never ascribe to incompetence that which can be explained by manipulative intent.

There’s every reason to believe what the Biden intelligence community and state department were sharing with China, was done with the intention of Beijing giving it to Moscow.

From that perspective, the question around intent becomes, what did they push, and why did they push it?

Now we get to the public story, public quote and critical Reuters article from December of 2021. What was being publicly outlined by Joe Biden to Ukraine President Vladimir Zelenskyy?

Reuters, December 9, 2021 – “U.S. President Joe Biden assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that Kyiv’s bid to join the NATO military alliance was in its own hands, Zelenskiy’s chief of staff said after the two leaders spoke on Thursday.

Biden and Zelenskiy had a call two days after Biden held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin to try to defuse a crisis over Russian troop movements near Ukraine’s borders. (read more)

In mid-December of 2021, the public face of the U.S. position was Joe Biden telling President Zelenskyy the entry of Ukraine into NATO was up to Ukraine.  If they want in, they’re in.  However, we know from Zelenskyy’s statements (March 20, 2022) privately Biden was saying you’ll never get into NATO, but we are going to publicly pretend you are.

Entry into NATO was a red line for Russia, Joe Biden knew it.  Vladimir Putin had been very clear about his opposition, and everyone knew it.  Russia would never concede allowing Ukraine to enter NATO.  Yet, the people running the Biden administration wanted to give the public appearance of Ukraine entering NATO.

Read more:

Hat tip: conservativetreehouse.com

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  1. 2022 March 22 10:20 am
    bc3b permalink

    How long before the media turns on Volodymyr Zelenskyy?

  2. 2022 March 22 10:24 am
    bc3b permalink

  3. 2022 March 22 10:43 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    “why not work to start a war to take focus off Biden’s many mistakes”
    They could easily have other motives besides domestic political issues. They may simply want to humiliate and dismember RU.
    Maybe they want to reduce world population. Covid failed, so WWIII … or famine from disruptions in wheat supply and fertilizer etc.

  4. 2022 March 22 11:06 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Well 3 is not far from the truth. Consider:

    * If UA grinds RU to a standstill so much the better.
    * If RU takes over UA, RU will be locked down there with half their strategic force in a suppression routine with a population larger than Afghanistan and Georgia combined.

    From DC’s perspective its a win either way. Well except for the global impact to food stuffs and critical minerals. Course DoSt thinks that is USDuh/DoE’s problem. Sigh….

  5. 2022 March 22 11:13 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Heave the hoe, Jackson’s got to go — https://twitter.com/JackPosobiec/status/1506326497946181633

  6. 2022 March 22 12:12 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Localities not reporting crime data to FBI. Because the numbers are so bad?


  7. 2022 March 22 12:31 pm
    bc3b permalink

    Lara Logan on the Ukraine and its corruption. Try to focus on her message and not her cleavage:


  8. 2022 March 22 12:47 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Legit, except I have a question. 4 of the top leadership of the US have a family member with their hands in the back pockets of the UA. So is the corruption UA’s or USA’s? Hmmmmm.

  9. 2022 March 22 6:20 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  10. 2022 March 22 6:23 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  11. 2022 March 22 6:23 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Time will tell.

    According to multiple sources [including Instapundit and the Daily Telegraph], the pro-Kremlin paper Komsomolskaya Pravda [yes, formerly the Komsomol/Communist Party Youth sister party of the Pravda] accidentally released a piece reporting 9,861 Russian soldiers have thus far been killed in action during the “special operation”, then airbrushed the piece to remove the “body count”.

  12. 2022 March 22 7:04 pm
    drdog09 permalink

  13. 2022 March 22 8:54 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Yeah, scanning vids, podcasts, articles there’s a lot of catastrophe in the air.
    NatGas in US is maybe 8 (cost per unit but I forget the units). In the EU it was 30 but now it’s at 60 so they’ve shutdown all fertilizer plants.
    The world has about 8Billion people, in 18 months there’ll be enough food to feed 6B or maybe 7B if we scramble.

    Expect the globalists to use this to force people to stop driving and stop eating meat.
    It’ll be wall to wall propaganda …

  14. 2022 March 22 10:04 pm


    “Time to stop viewing Disney as a family-friendly company”

    Haha I haven’t since around turn of the century.

  15. 2022 March 23 5:40 am
    justrand permalink

    Watch the embedded commercial…it is AWESOME! I may have to start buying Jeremy’s razors!!


  16. 2022 March 23 5:51 am
    justrand permalink

  17. 2022 March 23 6:25 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Yeah, I stopped when Eisner took the helm at Disney. Its been nothing but trash ever since.

  18. 2022 March 23 6:53 am
    drdog09 permalink

  19. 2022 March 23 7:05 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    18, yes if we can avoid a genocidal war, when the US gears up to hunt us down the war may look a lot like UA vs RU.
    But maybe they’ll just murder all and replace us with Hondurans or something.

  20. 2022 March 23 7:20 am
    justrand permalink

    Jim, they’re replacing us with Hondurans first…THEN they’re gonna (try to) murder us.

    Note to self: buy more ammo

  21. 2022 March 23 7:36 am
    drdog09 permalink

    New definition of ‘Tank’ == Rolling parts counter, and metal scrap dispensary.

  22. 2022 March 23 7:43 am
    drdog09 permalink

    Note on all powerful USA munitions.

    Remember that the ‘tools’ that they intend to use against us, are the same tools that are built by Americans. So how long do you think two things will happen?:

    * Those that are making the tools say ‘hell no’ and either walk off the job or provide opportunities for boating accidents.
    * That the tools being made start having significant failure rates in the field.

    American military resupply is not a certain thing in a domestic altercation.

  23. 2022 March 23 8:01 am
    mpt permalink

    Will this latest action by Russia cause the new cold war with the US to go hot? Also, will other countries follow?

    [Sorry for the Twitter link. I broke them out below.]


    Putin signs a decree forcing foreign gas buyers to sell currency on the Moscow Exchange.

    Payments for gas supplies to Europe will be switched to rubles. By freezing Russia’s Central Bank reserves, the West defaulted on its obligations to Russia and rendered its currencies unreliable.

    “We’ll start with gas” — Putin is hinting that the measure could expand to include other strategic exports.

  24. 2022 March 23 8:23 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    23, it took a while but that’s a big shot across the bow.

    No need to warn people here but the econ situation is about to get very messy.
    And the political situation.
    Dems may need to come up with a reason to postpone elections?

  25. 2022 March 23 8:35 am
    mpt permalink

    Here is a take I saw on the Internet of the implications of what Russia is doing. Sounds mostly correct.

    It’s not really about trust. It’s a demand for it. Currently, if you want to buy oil, or pretty much any commodities, on the world market you have to acquire USD. This creates an artificially high demand for USD. How are you gonna get USD? You have to sell what you produce to the US, or sell to others and demand they pay you in USD. The US can print up the money, others have to sell what they produce in USD, and they give it to you to buy oil with it.

    What happens from the US perspective is that the demand for USD is constantly high and you exploit it by importing everything without a need to produce anything of value and give in exchange. This enables the artificially high prosperity of the US.

    If the demand for USD drops their GDP will drop until trade balances. That is if they have a healthy monetary system and policy. Which they don’t. The debt is immense. The printers are running hot for 2 years straight. QE + ZIRP. Which now starts to move inflation to the demand side for goods. But, if the supply of goods disappears because trade must now balance. Well, you have one hell of a ride waiting.

  26. 2022 March 23 8:57 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “Payments for gas supplies to Europe will be switched to rubles. By freezing Russia’s Central Bank reserves, the West defaulted on its obligations to Russia and rendered its currencies unreliable.”

    I have an ancillary question — What happened to the expectation that Russia would utilize the digital Yuan and CIPS to clear payments globally??

    I would also add, I agree 100% with the observation in #25.

  27. 2022 March 23 9:08 am
    mpt permalink

    26 – I don’t know. Perhaps settlements will still go through CIPS, but just done in rubles rather than dollars or yuan if such a thing is possible.

    Or, Russia is just saying screw it to everyone and telling the world, if you want our commodities then these are the rules. You sell your products to us and we’ll pay you in rubles. You can then use these rubles to buy our gas and oil so you can keep warm in the winter and keep your economy going.

  28. 2022 March 23 10:06 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    We get our taxes done, I have a strong allergy to hunting down small scraps of paper, poring over government documents that are complicated and in small fonts, etc … so I insist we pay someone to do it for us.

    Wife: “our tax rate jumped from 24% to 32%”
    Biden: “I did this!!”

    We also get to make estimated advance payments all through the upcoming year and holy cow they’re large. Add ’em up and it’s more than 3x what we have to pay on Apr 15th …

  29. 2022 March 23 10:17 am

    “Ukraine Blocks Trans Women Refugees: “They Are Men, Must Go Back & Fight”

    War..what is it good far…. ^ well apparently figuring out ones own gender. lol

    25 – saw that, concur.

  30. 2022 March 23 10:48 am

    Blaming “excessive levels of inflation,” Starlink told customers in an email on Tuesday evening that the price of all Starlink kits will increase from $499 to $549 for deposit holders. For all new customers, all new orders will cost $599. Prices for the monthly service have also jumped from $99 to $110 per month.

    …and it will keep going up as predicted, and not because of ‘inflation’ because it wasn’t sustainable in the first place.

  31. 2022 March 23 11:18 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Over the past some years both gold and Chinese govt bonds have done better than US Treasuries.
    “Chinese government bonds have outperformed US Treasuries on a 2 year, 3 year and 10 year basis”
    He predicts that the dollar is not going away but the pendulum is swinging firmly in the direction of lessened importance.
    Expect pretty much all nations to add gold and reduce dollar holdings.

  32. 2022 March 23 11:31 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Details of how foreign firms will be treated in Russia.
    If you do not keep the level of business the same and continue to employ all staff, you can be made bankrupt and your assets sold to Russian bidders.
    Big oil, gold, natgas and mineral companies stand to lose billions.
    Some Pharma companies remain producing for humanitarian reasons. Some food companies have stopped but stil provide a few products like baby food again for humanitarian reasons. Some companies have left but the local franchises are continuing. The companies have lost control of their brand. (Many of these, 2 examples are Burger King and Marriott).

    Will RU crumble?
    Will US debt bring us low?
    Will the world bifurcate into blocs? Will the world shatter?
    Time will tell

  33. 2022 March 23 12:39 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    No impending arrest expected though …

    Jeff Vickers
    First off…I am ok.
    I was robbed at the Chevron in Boise. After my hands stopped trembling I managed to call the Sheriff, they were quick to respond and calmed me down. My money is gone… the police asked me if I knew who did it. I said yes.. it was pump number 5.

  34. 2022 March 23 12:57 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

  35. 2022 March 23 2:09 pm

    The companies have lost control of their brand. (Many of these, 2 examples are Burger King and Marriott)

    Who ever wrote that meant McDonalds not Burger King.

  36. 2022 March 23 2:14 pm

  37. 2022 March 23 2:29 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Army Scraps Leg Tuck from Combat Fitness Test After Women Struggled with It
    The leg tuck was one of a six-event test, aimed at testing a soldier’s core strength. It required soldiers to hang from a bar and raise their knees to their elbows. The minimum to pass was one leg tuck.

    “Prepared for WWIII?”

  38. 2022 March 23 2:41 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    35, I think he said BK.
    For McD’s, I read they turn the “M” on its side to look like a B and they’re rebranded as “Uncle Vanya”. (Russian B sounds like V?)

    But BK still have “Burger King” signs, paper crowns for the kids, napkins and food wrappers say “BK” and so on. The brand is still being used but they’re unconnected with the US Corp HQ.

  39. 2022 March 23 2:45 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    36, love it!

  40. 2022 March 23 2:55 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    An ex-FBI agent who led the bungled investigation into former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens pleaded guilty Wednesday to witness tampering in a deal that spared him from a trial and placed additional spotlight on the prosecutor behind the case.

    William Tisaby appeared in a St. Louis Circuit Court and entered the plea to one count of misdemeanor evidence tampering and was sentenced to probation, which was immediately suspended. It was not immediately clear whether Tisaby was required to cooperate in any further investigation.

    Tisaby had been facing trial on six counts of perjury and one count of evidence tampering in an indictment that accused him of hiding evidence and lying during the investigation into Greitens, a Republican who was forced to resign as governor after St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged him as taking a compromising photo of a woman he had an affair with.

    The charges were dramatically dropped when Gardner admitted she did not have evidence the photo was taken and the woman testified she may have dreamed up the allegation.


  41. 2022 March 23 2:56 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Got the email. Not surprised though not pleased. But even at $200 it beats Spectrum. 🙁

  42. 2022 March 23 2:58 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    Can you arrest a gas station??

  43. 2022 March 23 3:08 pm
    drdog09 permalink


    (Russian B sounds like V?)


  44. 2022 March 23 3:19 pm
    drdog09 permalink

    Madeline Albright, RIP, 84 — the world hardly notices.

  45. 2022 March 23 4:35 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    I read that Albright was the mentor for the awful Susan Rice.

  46. 2022 March 23 6:50 pm

    45 – Albright…and McCain united again… now please add Hillary.

    Sanctions: The Blowback

  47. 2022 March 23 9:21 pm
    mpt permalink

    Stop Russian GOLD Act of 2022

    It will be a CRIME for any US citizen or institution to trade in gold with Russians. Foreign citizens will also face US sanctions or even prosecution/extradition if they trade in Russian gold. This cuts off Russia from one of its most important commodities markets.

    I’m sure this will sit well with the rest of the world. Think we are overplaying our hands here a bit?

    It’s nice that we allow Germany and other EU nations to continue to purchase Russian gas and oil to the tune of $10’s millions a day, but any third-world country in Africa or the Middle East that needs to purchase Russian wheat with gold to feed its people will face sanctions and prosecution.

  48. 2022 March 23 9:27 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Benny @bennyjohnson
    BREAKING: CEOs of Delta, American, United, JetBlue and other airlines urged Biden to end a mask mandate on planes.
    They say the restrictions ‘are no longer aligned with the realities of the current epidemiological environment’
    Links to a Reuters article

    Well, yeah.
    If we can unmask in restaurants, sports venues and classrooms why are planes under a different set of rules?

  49. 2022 March 23 9:28 pm
    mpt permalink

    Is there something we are not being told about?

    This is a bizarrely random tweet from @sss_gov, the United States Selective Service agency.


    In the event of a draft, our agency would partner with @fema to provide opportunities to conscientious objectors to ensure our nation keeps moving forward. Learn more about Alternative Service at http://sss.gov/conscientious-objectors/

    The responses to the tweet are pretty interesting.

  50. 2022 March 23 9:29 pm
    mpt permalink

    If we can unmask in restaurants, sports venues and classrooms why are planes under a different set of rules?

    The FAA. Enough said…

  51. 2022 March 23 9:35 pm
    mpt permalink

    46 – That link to RT didn’t work for me. I had to use the Tor function in Brave to access the site and video.

    Gee, I love living in a free country.

  52. 2022 March 23 10:14 pm
    mpt permalink

    Seen on the Internet today…

    The world is realizing that America has become a hysterical canceling twitter Karen. And nobody wants to deal with hysterical Karen.

  53. 2022 March 23 10:50 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    47, 49 OMG.
    We live in exciting times …

  54. 2022 March 23 11:03 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    Seen on my local NextDoor.
    Actual Dem Woman? Or Babylon Bee level false flag satire?

  55. 2022 March 24 12:59 am
    mpt permalink

    54 – You should reply, “Be patient. Given the way Biden is managing things we’ll probably be there in 6 to 12 months.” That ought to be good for a month suspension from NextDoor. 🙂

    Of course, for us, the train terminal will be at the receiving end of Camp 1369.

  56. 2022 March 24 5:00 am
    drdog09 permalink

    “It will be a CRIME for any US citizen or institution to trade in gold with Russians. Foreign citizens will also face US sanctions or even prosecution/extradition if they trade in Russian gold. This cuts off Russia from one of its most important commodities markets.”

    Hard to be a globalist these days ain’t it? The Davos set is going to find out just how fragile their world view is when they cannot manipulate markets when it is all locked up.

    If you are a mfr that depends on chips and are not over stocked you will not be selling much longer. Gold, silver and Argon are critical materials to chip manafacture.

  57. 2022 March 24 5:23 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Good point, drdog esp about the Argon which I had forgotten about.

    Meanwhile, MI Gov “WHitler” shows her contempt and disdain for Black people.


    As we predicted earlier this month, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has vetoed a bill requiring county officials to continue processing concealed carry applications during declared states of emergencies, once again putting her contempt for the right to keep and bear arms on full display.

    In a letter to legislators Friday, the Democratic governor said the measure would have mandated that clerks issue licenses without regard to the scope or gravity of the emergency or whether in-person services would jeopardize clerks.

    Republican Sen. Lana Theis called the veto disappointing for gun owners and said Second Amendment rights can’t be infringed.

    Those were basically the same objections raised by Democrats in the state legislature, and no one really expected Whitmer to think for herself or side with the civil rights of Michiganders on this particular issue. Still, Theis is right when she calls the veto “disappointing,” particularly given what has transpired in the state over the past two years while Whitmer’s COVID orders have kept many businesses and government offices off-limits to the general public.

    In Wayne County, 2A groups were forced to file suit last year after wait times for concealed carry applications stretched out to more than a year; an issue that the county clerk blamed on COVID staffing levels. And while thousands of legal gun owners were left twiddling their thumbs for months on end, prosecutors in Wayne County were also charging a growing number of residents with carrying without a license.

    That possessory offense is a felony crime in Michigan, and one that comes with a potential five-year prison sentence. By January of this year public defenders in Wayne County deemed the problem so bad that they called on the prosecutor to quit charging CCW-only cases entirely.

    As 7 Action News reported Monday, the number of people charged with just carrying a concealed weapon in Wayne County has exploded since the pandemic. NDS reports that 70% of its clients charged with the crime legally own their weapon and, citing internal statistics, said 97% are black.

    In a press conference today, they called for Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to dismiss CCW-only charges currently pending.

    “The vast majority of the CCW arrests are involving legal guns, legally owned by the arrestees,” said Arnie Chambers, a criminal defense attorney. “Most have very little if any prior contacts with law enforcement, yet they’re being charged with felonies.”

  58. 2022 March 24 6:00 am
    justrand permalink

    when I came in soaking wet from outside, my wife asked: “Is it raining outside??

    I replied: “How the hell would I know? I’m not a meteorologist!

  59. 2022 March 24 6:04 am
    drdog09 permalink

  60. 2022 March 24 6:13 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    Black Rock, China, Biden, Trudeau and others

  61. 2022 March 24 6:22 am
    JimNorCal permalink

  62. 2022 March 24 6:28 am
    justrand permalink

  63. 2022 March 24 7:05 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Spot on observations in that piece but why would UA accept knowing what that article outlines? Most of UA’s industrial and AG support systems are in or near the Donbass regions. Lacking those resources UA would very quickly cease being a exporter of grains their principal commodity.

    The world is too fragile to be left in the hands of politicians anymore — ANY politicians. They know nothing of flow of goods, second order economic effects, cost of infrastructure, on and on. Its the Pols that need to be taken down several well deserved notches.

  64. 2022 March 24 7:12 am
    drdog09 permalink


    By and large the plutocrats self-identify. All we have to do is get a list of every American that attends a WEF event of any kind. Then systematically remove them from any position of power, starting with the ballot box. When presence at WEF become a political scarlet letter, they will stop going. Not the total solution but a highly visible one that sends a message. Remember its “pick a target, then isolate the target.”, right out of Alinsky.

  65. 2022 March 24 9:08 am
    JimNorCal permalink

    63, politicians “need to be taken down several well deserved notches”
    Typo: you left out the word “hundred” lol

    Meanwhile all the vote shenanigans in WI are being judged “illegal”. But Dem Gov, Dem AG and Dem County officials will ignore the court decisions.

    Milwaukee to Continue Ballot Drop Boxes Despite Court Ruling



  66. 2022 March 24 10:21 am
    drdog09 permalink


    Maybe some instruction in ‘direct democracy’ is in order for the Left. Steal, burn or demolish the drop boxes. When confronted, claim one is doing under court order!

  67. 2022 March 24 12:02 pm
    JimNorCal permalink

    66, Progs would do that, and they’d get backing from City Hall.
    I don’t think our side would take the chance. If caught, life without parole

    Here in CA, a batch of evil legislation will be voted on in a couple of weeks. Jeez.

    Covid injection required for public OR private school, even though still under Emergency and no legal protection (EUA statjus), vitually no legal exceptions.
    Invalid Covid opinion/expression causes doctor to be subject to medical board hearing
    12 to 17 can get the Jab without parental approval
    Medical boards can inspect your medical records at your doctor’s office without your consent
    LEOs must enforce medical rules or lose funding
    Persons may not express opinions that government deems is not true on the internet
    Schools can expose child’s medical status to 3rd parties without parental consent
    Create a state immune tracking system
    Must be vaxxed to work as an employee or contractor in CA

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